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Welcome to Membee!  You’ll find a description of all the details for the steps in your implementation of Membee below.

Table of Contents

Planning Call

Implementation Day

Setup Review Call

Going Live

Implementation Follow-up Call

Additional “Check Ins”


Planning Call 

You will be booked in for a Planning Call during the initial call with your implementation Coordinator.

The planning call is where you and your implementation coordinator will do a very detailed review with you of both your data and the processes you have in place for things such as renewal, new member sign-up etc.

You should plan for the call to take up to 90 minutes.

To proceed with the call you’ll need to be ready with the following:

  1. A copy of your data that you would like to import in a single spreadsheet
    • Do not worry about how the data is formatted, we’ll review the data with you during this call and provide you with specific instructions on what you will need to do in order to get the data ready
    • If you are working with multiple spreadsheets or are exporting the information from a current system and aren’t able to combine the information into a single spreadsheet prior to the call that’s OK! We’ll go over the data with you and help you come up with a plan on how to get it ready for import.
  2. The Credit Card information to set up your subscription
    • You will have received the form we need sent back into Membee prior to your call, however if you are unable to fax it back prior to this call we’ll collect it from you during the call.
  3. Details on your new member sign-up process, specifically any approval processes currently in place (if any) that need to be in place in Membee
  4. Details on the different types of Membership that you offer
  5. Your renewal billing process, specifically the following
    • How far in advance of a member’s expiry do you send renewal notices
    • How often and when do you send reminders
    • At what point is a membership cancelled - how “overdue” does a member need to be
  6. What payment gateway you will be using.  If you haven’t set one up as of yet and need to get started, take some time to review the options and begin the setup process.
  7. What type of member directories will need to be setup - for example do you need a directory that only members can log into or will it be a public directory
  8. Are you able to add things such as pages or install plugins on your site or do you need to work with a web developer or someone else.
    • If you need to work with someone else, what their schedule is like (so we can work in how long they may need to have to set up pages for Membee's features - which involves setting up a page and copying and pasting some code I will provide).

At the end of the call we’ll book in the “Implementation Day” (see below)  and follow up with an email detailing the information that we’ll need (including things such as what you’ll need to do to get your data ready, information for setting up Membee’s features on your site etc.)

Implementation Day

This is the day that we will complete the work including:

  • Importing your data into Membee
  • Doing the initial configuration for the features that you will be implementing.

A number of factors go into determining this day, including things such as how long you’ll need to get your data ready, what stage you are at for setting up a payment gateway (if needed) etc.  

This day is booked at the end of your Planning Call (see above), but generally speaking this tends to be about a week to 10 days after the planning call.  

On this day you will need to be highly available in case we need to call you to clarify anything as we work on setting the system up.  So it’s very important that this be booked on a day that you will be there!

Once the data is imported and the configuration has been done on the features, we will send you an email with the instructions on what you need to do to check the setup.

Setup Review Call

This is booked 1 business day following the Implementation Day.  You can expect this call to be up to one hour long and during this call we will review:

  • The layout of the member/non-member data that was imported for you into your copy of Membee.
  • The Membee widgets and make sure that they are setup and configured on your website the way you want them.
  • Membee features like member login, membership renewal billing, etc. are setup the way you want them.

Going Live

Going live means

  • Membee is ready to start sending renewal notices and will send any that are due
  • Membee will send out an email to your members so that they can set up their passwords and log in (this allows them to do things such as update their member information with you)
  • All of Membee's online features are ready to go live on your website.

You will need to

  • Make sure the pages for any of the features (ex. Member Directory, Events Calendar, new member sign-up form(s) etc.) are live on your site
    • Meaning that they are “linked”up so people can find them
    • Accesible - they aren’t in a draft or un-published mode

This is booked two business days after your “Implementation Day” Membee

Implementation Follow-up Call

This is our final call to go over the implementation and make sure that you have everything you need to be successful.

This is booked in one to two business days after you go live. During this one hour phone call we will

  • Go over any questions you have following the launch
  • Make sure you have what you need to get started and that you aren't "stuck" on anything
  • Review with you how to access help

After this call your implementation is complete! You'll now have full access to our fantastic client support team who will be there to support you as you start using Membee

Additional "Check-ins"

It is very important to us that you aren't stuck on anything at all in Membee as you get started!

Although you will have full access to our client services team who can help you out whenever you need it, your Implementation Coordinator will also personally follow up with you a few times over the month following the day you took Membee live to make sure that everything is going great!

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