Sample Data in an Evaluation Copy of Membee

Here is a list of some example records that you can search for in order to see how data would look once set up in Membee.  Simply type the name of the person contacts or the organization into the Quick Search field at the top of the People and Organizations page.

  1. Example of a membership organization such as yours that is also an active member of their own association
    • Beehive Association Inc. - Main Contacts / Staff Users Lancy Byron and Queenie Beez
  2. Example of a member organization
    • Jackson Pollen Art Gallery - Main Contact is Jack Pollen
  3. Example of a person member
    • Jane Beez
  4. Example of an employee of a member organization who is also a member in their own right
    • Jack Pollen
  5. Other example records
    • Bee Hive Hair Salon
    • Bee Keepers of America
    • Busy Bee Cleaning
    • A New Bee Company

You can see example committees and groups as well:

  1. Group:  Buzz Newsletter Mailing List, Special Bees (a group to control access to a page on a site using Member Single Sign On)
  2. Committee:  Board of Directors and Membership Retention Committee

The Events area contains a number of sample events:

  1. Breakfast Events - Honey Bee Breakfast Network Events
  2. Annual Gala Dinner Event - Gala Flower Market Awards Dinner
  3. Golf Event - Charity Golf Fundraiser
  4. Webinar Event - Business Development Webinar 
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