Data Import Guide for New Client Organizations

Welcome to Membee!


We want you up to speed in Membee as quickly and as painlessly as possible. On average a new Membee client is up to speed in just a handful of work days from the day they decide to proceed.  

We are here to guide you through each step in the process to ensure your successful implementation of Membee.  Get started by selecting the type of information you are tracking from the list below.


Our members can be both people and organizations >>

In this scenario, both organizations and individual people can hold a membership. 

Our members are people. We also track information on organizations >>

In this scenario, only individual people can hold a membership, but you also keep information on organizations, such as the information for your member's employers, vendors etc.

Our members are organizations only and we track their contact people>>

In this scenario, only organizations can become members.  You do track information on the organization's employees but there are no people who can hold an individual membership.  

Our members are people only. We do not track any information on organizations >>

In this scenario, only individual people can be members.  You do not track any information on any type of organization, for example your member's employers, vendors etc. 

Our members are families. >>

In this scenario, your membership are made up of families.  You may also track individual members (who aren't part of a family)

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