My members or our staff are not receiving email

The spam filters in our company email systems are a good thing since they protect us from massive amounts of useless email cluttering our Inbox. They can also unintentionally hinder Membee's ability to deliver important emails to your members, this includes:

  • Username or Password emails.
  • New invoice notification.
  • Notification Emails to staff (Event Sale Notifications, New Member Application Notification, New payment received, new profile modifications etc.)
  • Event Reminder emails.
  • Referral emails (the email sent when a visitor to your Membee online directory clicks on the "Send Message" link)
  • Confirmation emails with the summary of the email sent via an integrated email send

If you have a member or a staff member who is not receiving these emails or they are bouncing back to you (and you have confirmed that the email address that the information is being sent to is correct), there are a couple of things you can do to help ensure these emails are received:

Check to see if the email was sent

Add Membee as a trusted sender to your SPF record

Check that the email was sent to your member

With Membee's Email Log, it provides you a list of the system emails that were sent out to your member. You can check the log to check that the email was sent out to the member and also which email address it was sent to.  

Click here for information regarding Membee's Email Log

Add Membee as a trusted sender to your SPF record

An SPF record is a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain.  The purpose of an SPF record is to prevent spammers from sending messages with forged From addresses at your domain. Recipients email systems can refer to the SPF record to determine whether a message purporting to be from your domain comes from an authorized mail server.

For example, when you send out an email from Membee, such as a New Invoice notification, Membee's servers send the email on your behalf.  If you were to look at all the detailed information that is in an email you would see Membee's email server as the sender, but the "From" as your email address.  Without the addition of Membee's email server to your SPF record your receiver's email system can't verify that the email is from an authorized source and may block it.  However, if you include Membee's mail server in your SPF record it identifies Membee's mail server as an authorized sender your recipient's email system can very that it is a valid message and this will help ensure it is received by your member.

You will most likely need to work with your IT support or whomever manages your DNS for your domain and have them add the following to your SPF record:


For example, your SPF record might look something like this once the information for Membee is added:

v=spf1 mx ptr ~all


3) To help ensure that your staff receive email from Membee Have and our IP "whitelisted"

The process is typically called "white listing" and it is a list maintained in their email system of domains that they wish to unilaterally accept emails from. The following domains/IP's should be white listed in your member's email system to ensure they receive the system generated emails listed above:

This simple change insures that all of the communication designed to help your members get the most out of their investment with you gets to them quickly and reliably.
Here are some links to the white listing process in some of the more popular email systems:
Google's Gmail
Microsoft Outlook
Please note that your member's email system may "filter" email before it reaches their Outlook email application so it is best that they consult with their IT professional to determine where the best location is to white list Membee's email domains.
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