Troubleshooting Membee in Your Computing Environment

Is Membee running slowly while searching or refreshing? See Connection speed, below.

Are Reports processing slower than you would like? See "Troubleshooting the report queue" below.


Connection Speed


Membee is web based software. If you are finding that it is running slowly, the most likely reason is you have a slow internet connection.

We recommend you test your connection speed by using a tool such as the speed test found at

It will tell you how fast your internet connection is.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Begin test" button.
  3. It will tell you your:
    • Upload speed: How quickly you can pass information from the Internet servers.
    • Download speed: How quickly you can receive information from the Internet servers.  
    • In order to use Membee your speed must meet the following minimums:
      • Download Speed: 4 Mbps
      • Upload Speed: 2 Mbps 


If either speed is low, Membee may appear to be slow ... in reality your internet connection is an information bottleneck slowing communication. Here are some ways to speed it up:


Is the Bandwidth being shared: 

  • What kind of internet connection do you have? 
  • Are you using a Wireless connection? 
  • Is anyone streaming audio (radio) or video when the timeouts occur? 
  • Are any other Internet applications running? 
  • Do you notice any similar problems while on the net - websites not coming up when you search or short delays? 
  • Did this just start occurring or has it occurred over a period of time and what period of time? 
  • Is the internet bandwidth shared with another company in your building or other users in your office. 
  • When you encounter slowness, note the time and run the speed test to gather the download and upload -
  • Antivirus software or firewalls - are these set to allow Membee.  Membee's IP is

Check the memory on your computer:

If the RAM on your machine is low it will start moving information out of RAM and into your hard drive.  Accessing this information from your hard drive will be much slower.  You need to ensure you that have at least the minimum amount of RAM for your operating system and as with everything, the more you have the faster your computer will be.


  • Have you checked the modem or your connection? 
  • Do you have a linksys router? Has you updated the firmware for the router recently? 
  • Have any hardware components been reset recently?


  • Have your IT person try to connect directly to the line without the router in between. Try to isolate the problem to either the equipment inside your office (your responsibility) or outside the office (the responsibility of your ISP) 
  • Have your IT person use software (Fiddler / Network Sniffer as examples) to try to watch or log what is happening to information sent over the Internet
  • Do a speed test when you experience slowness 
  • Do a tracert ( to see where you are running into a timeout on your connection

To run a trace route: 

  1. Go to start 
  2. Click on all programs 
  3. Click on accessories 
  4. Click on command prompt 
  5. At the command prompt you will enter: tracert IP address - the IP address you enter will depend on what you are checking as follows:
    • If you are checking your connection to Membee use the IP
    • If you are checking your connection to your website hosted by Membee (not hosted at Webvanta) user the ip
    • If you are checking integrated email use


Report Speed

If you find that reports are taking a long time to run - and you have resolved connection speed issues (see above), there are a  a few things you can do to help speed up the report queue:

  • Refresh the queue.
    The status of a report only refreshes every minute, so if the report is complete a second after it refreshes, it will look undone for another 59 seconds. Click the "Search" button to find the real state of the report.
  • Run the report with more filters.
    Sometimes the filters for the report gather more information than you intend to use ... Do you really want to view 5 years of event sales? Reporting on only the last year runs more quickly.


Troubleshooting IE Errors

Sometimes, even though Membee is functioning as it should, you may have issues on a particular computer in your office or for a specific user.  Because these issues are not related to how Membee is functioning our support staff can not always help.  Most often these issues have to do with security settings or antivirus or spyware programs or corrupted Internet Explorer browser files.  In these cases you will need to have your IT personnel fix the settings.  Here are some suggestions about things to check or try and a number of articles that other users have found useful in resolving some of these environment specific issues:

  1. Sometimes legacacy files from previously installed antivirus and spyware can cause an issue. - See: (QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: "What antivirus/antispyware/security product do you have on machine? Include any you have EVER had on this machine including those you uninstalled (they leave remnants behind which can cause strange issues)".
  2. Sometimes Spyware programs will not allow the javascript to run and Membee uses javascript.  Make sure that javascript is enabled.
  3. Issues with the security settings or add ons in IE - Try re-setting IE to Default settings and then re-setting to suit Membee sas in this article:
  4. Some sites indicate that the MS Software Inventory Analyzer Tool can cause issues: Printing functionality fails in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 on Windows XP -
  5. How to fix Permission Denied Error - Article Called: FIX: Error message when you run a script on a Web page after you apply security update MS06-042 on a Windows XP-based computer or on a Windows Server 2003-based computer: "Permission denied" -
  6. If using Windows Server 2003 Check windows group policy settings - for trusted sites and running script.
  7. Internet Explorer 8 crashes when you try to print a webpage that contains a frameset inside an IFRAME element -

  8.  Unable to print or view the print preview of a webpage in Internet Explorer - 

  9. Check is to make sure that the setting for your Trusted Zones is set to Medium. You might have to change it to Medium Low and save and then set to Medium and save again. This simple step may resolved a number of issues. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab
    2. Select the Trusted sites Checkmark
    3. Move the slider in the Security Level for this Zone to "Medium Low"
    4. Apply
    5. Close down your browser
    6. Open up the browser again
    7. Sign in to Membee and try using the print icon from the Membee Screen
    Repeat the steps just changing the slider back to "Medium" - This resets you system to default again.

If you have found any other articles that were helpful in these kinds of situations please "Pay It Forward" and send the information along to us.  We will update this article with your suggestions to help other users. 


Still having an issue? Just ask us a question here.

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