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Here are the details on Membee's bilingual capabilities. Bilingual capabilities are a standard requirement for our national Canadian and US clients (typically English/Spanish in their case).

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Control Bilingual Text

Sample Pages of Membee's Bilingual Capabilities

Sample Member Login

Control Bilingual Text

Please remember that the ability to present bilingual text to the member is controlled in two ways:


Static, such as content section headers (e.g. a section header in the member profile), introductory/instructional paragraphs, etc. (e.g. event descriptions) are entered by the user in both languages, in the appropriate field in Membee and hence can be changed at any time. For example, the text string "Please complete the following online application. / Veuillez remplir le formulaire en ligne." is entered into the introductory paragraph field in Membee's New Member Sign-Up widget.


Dynamic changes to field captions and financial formatting based on the language selection of the site visitor. For example, on the New Member Sign Up widget, a prospective new member's first name field is labeled "Prénom:" on the French version of the form and "First Name:" if the site visitor were to click the "English" link at the top of the form. There is a language toggle at the top of all of Membee's widgets so the site visitor can change the language on the fly.

Combining these two approaches creates the best available bilingual experience for site visitors. Also, remember that content placed in a field by a site visitor is stored by Membee as entered so French content and punctuation entered by the site visit are stored as such.

Sample Pages of Membee's Bilingual Capabilities

Here are some links to some sample Membee pages which illustrate the bilingual capabilities.

(Login Required - see credentials at bottom of page)

New Member Sign Up Form - Person

New Member Sign Up Form - Organization

Existing Member Renewal

- Link to Their Renewal Invoice

Existing Member Renewal

- Link to All Outstanding Invoices 

- Notice the login widget is also bilingual

Member Directory

- Can be public or behind member login

- Search for "bee"

Events - A Specific Event

Member Profile 

- Allows the member to self-service their own information

- Member changes can be accepted automatically by Membee (recommended) or require approval by an administrator before being accepted 

Sample Member Login


Username =

Password = pass@word1

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